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Posted by WhatRunsWhere on January 5, 2014
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ASW14ASW is taking place January 12-14 at Paris Las Vegas.

Our Sales Team – David, Conrad and Jonathan will be at the Meet Market.  Meanwhile our Co-Founder and COO, Max Teitelbaum will be speaking on the panel “Beat the Competition With the Right Intelligence Tools” on Jan 14 at 10am.

If you are a noobie or a veteran, make sure you have a solid networking game plan ready.  Here are a few tips to help you get the most of your conference experience.

1) Check out the exhibitors and sponsors’ list in advance.

This is a no brainer but know who’s going to be there and divy up your list to 2 groups: people you need to meet and those you wish to meet (if you have time).  Schedule your meetings in advance but don’t forget to leave room for spontaneous get-togethers.  Follow your groups on Facebook or Twitter, read their blogs and interact with them prior to the show.

2) Stay connected.

Are you a newbie?  Apply for the Affiliate Summit Newcomer Program and get connected to industry veterans who have attended shows in the past and can show you around.

3) Get social.

Join the conversation on Facebook and Twitter.  Follow the hashtag #ASW14.  Let people know on LinkedIn and Google+ that you will be attending.  In bigger cities, there are sometimes pre-Affiliate Summit meetups that are worth checking out just to get a head start on the networking.  While at the show, participate by tweeting about the sessions, reach out to other attendees and compliment speakers if they give a kick a$$ presentation.

4) Party, Eat, Drink and LobbyCon.

Some of the best networking and business gets done at the parties or in the hotel lobby.  It’s less formal, people are more chatty after having a few drinks and it’s way easier to bond over the macarena.  Where there is food, there will also be lots of people.  Check the blog for the latest party roundup.

5) Mark up those biz cards.

You will collect more cards than you will know what to do with them.  After meeting someone, immediately make a note on their card about who they are, what you talked about, followup meetings, etc.  Mark important contacts with a *.

6) Talk to people sitting around you.

While it was cool to sit in the back row in college, being anti-social at a conference is not cool.  Pick a seat closer to the front or in the middle and say hello to your neighbours.  Also try arriving a few minutes before a presentation starts.  This gives you time to properly introduce yourself and start a conversation.

7) Make introductions and be a connector.

If you know someone who can help someone, make an introduction.  This can be someone you know who’s attending the show or in your rolodex back home.  Either way, don’t worry about what’s in it for you, good karma will find its way back to you (always).

8) Followup when you get home.

Even if someone seems totally out there and their business may not be relevant to you (at the moment), shoot them a quick “nice meeting you” email along with a brief reminder of what you do or the company you work for.  You never know who they may know.  Don’t close yourself off to future opportunities to do business with them.

9) Blog about the event.

If you have a blog, post a recap of the event, share important things you learned, mention cool companies and people you met and post lots of photos.

10) Say hello to us!

Lastly, don’t forget to drop by the Meet Market and say hi to our awesome Sales Team.  We promise not to bite, we just spy.


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