How To Use Big Data For Your Online Marketing Strategy

Posted by Admin on July 24, 2013
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Big data analytics. There – you heard it again! The buzzword that has been making its rounds in almost every tech company. Even if you are not a numbers geek, consider social media channels and you will realize how much posts, check-ins, and photos contribute to this effect.

The problem is, how do content marketers link this particular trend to their online plan? The answer is simple – all this raw data can provide incredible insight to what engages your target audience and from there, you can re-route your strategy.

So what’s so big about big data? Here are 5 key points on how to use big data marketing analytics effectively…

1) Strategy

Big data means A LOT of information which you can build and plan on. Instead of relying on a trial and error approach, you can use all that data to improve customer experience or to create better customer retention. See how companies like Amazon, Netflix and others use data to strengthen customer relations by resolving issues and making product suggestions to upsell and cross-sell.



2) Tactic

It’s not always enough to build an efficient strategy. In order to have the right answers, you also need to ask the right questions such as do you know what the critical points in your current strategy are? Do you have any idea of what you should do to improve your business? Powerful analytics can be applied when you have big data at your fingerprints. And based on those results, you can build a better tactic and more strategic objectives.

3) Big Data Origin

The problem with big data is volume. Knowing how to parse it, what type of information you need, and how to handle it is important, or else your results are not very relevant. Whenever rolling out a big data marketing strategy make sure all that data is usable by your company’s departments. Identifying the right data is incredibly important – you can always make the mistake of pouring in garbage and set yourself on the wrong course.

4) Get Your Team Involved

Big data initiatives should be a high-ranked priority but this means that all your team members need to collaborate. Consider the combo of clearly defined strategy, a cohesive team and ultimately channeling opportunities – this is what big data can bring together for a more successful environment.

5) Proper People, Wonderful Results

Here’s the catch, not everyone is suited to work with big data. There are people that are resilient to the concept, and if you can’t pull together all your resources your strategy will come together far slower than it should. Figuring out who has a knack for this type of environment takes time and energy, but it’s worth investing in order to build a better business. Harvard Business Review recently published an article on Five Roles You Need On Your Big Data Team.

Companies that are investing in this big data trend are considered to be on a dramatically ascending curve. We hope these tips help and we’ll love to hear how you use big data in your daily online strategy.




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