#AtomicChat on Effective Media Buying in 140 Characters or Less

Posted by Admin on April 30, 2013
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Yesterday we were the special guest on @Atomic_Reach’s weekly (Monday 9PM EST) #AtomicChat.  We discussed effective media buying and threw out a bunch of knowledge bombs about online advertising.  Incase you missed in on the fun, here’s a summary of what happened in the Twitterverse.

Q1: Does online advertising deliver enough bang for your buck?

A1: Yes! Because it’s highly targeted, trackable, reaches a global audience instantly, is interactive & cost effective.
A1. Online Advertising = I’m referring to display banners, text ads, popups, video and mobile ads.

Q2: What’s working and not working in online advertising?

A2. Brands need to be mobile optimized, use behavioural targeting, gamification, incentivization, social media & engage in storytelling.


Q3: Trends in media buying for 2013

A3. Mobile is hot now. Located-based advertising, expanding markets to international reach, RTB (real-time bidding), rich media, in-app ads.

Q4: What do you think about paid media vs. earned media?

A4: Earned media is more powerful and cheaper but scale of reach is not the same as paid media and it’s harder to measure.
A4: Native advertising is awesome! It blends content with ads (ie. storytelling, sponsored blog posts, videos).

Q5: What are some effective online advertising tactics?

A5: Understand your competition, incorporate social media, retargeting, native ads, blogger outreach, rich media (Vine) over static.
A5. Humour, love, guilt and fear are the best emotions to convey in ads.

Q6: What is the difference between direct buy vs. agency buy? Pros and cons?

A6. Direct buy is buying ad space directly from a website. (ex. buying a banner from Food.com or a Blog).
A6. Pros: tap into high volumes of traffic, cut out the middle person, build relationships, lock inventory.
A6. Cons: time consuming, manual process, pay 3rd party ad server to deliver these ads, harder to scale.

A6. Network or Agency buy is buying ad space through 3rd party like Google, MSN, AOL, etc.
A6. Pros: fast setup, test many sites, rep will help you optimize and scale, swap out ads quickly.
A6. Cons: risky since it requires higher $ to start buying, reliant on the rep, lacks transparency.


A6. Check out our Free eBooks on Media Buying

Q7: What is @WhatRunsWhere? Tell us about how your service works.

A7. We are an online advertising intel tool. We help you buy media more profitably, discover new traffic sources, monitor display & mobile ads.
A7. We also gather the necessary intel so you can spy on your competition.  First company to offer in-app ad intelligence!

Great discussion from our Tweeps!  Here are some notable & favourite Tweets…











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