15 Key Takeaways From ASE14 In 140 Characters Or Less

Posted by WhatRunsWhere on August 19, 2014
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                            Jordan, Account Executive & Wendy, VP of Marketing

We’re back from 3 days of hustle and bustle in The Big Apple!  We exhibited, networked and attended a handful of informative sessions. If you missed the show or just need a quick refresher, here are the top 15 takeaways from ASE14 in 140 characters or less…


  • For ad optimization, test variations with no more than 3 ads per ad set. Test copy, call-to-action and image.
  • Go direct to advertisers for higher payouts. Check link on wheregoes.com to see entire path of affiliate links to find the true source.
  • Adwords pro tip: use punctuation for longer headlines, ad extensions, keyword insertion.
  • Free Shipping Is King! 69% of shoppers more likely to shop when free shipping is available.
  • Google doesn’t want to make websites popular.  They want to rank popular websites.
  • Don’t use merchant data feed without editing, redirect links internally, moderate UGC, don’t sell out user trust.
  • Recruit bloggers as affiliates.  They bring new customers since they are typically first point of contact.
  • Alternative attribution models incl time decay, first interaction, linear. Know the path your customers are taking and use most fitting one.
  • DYK smokers and dog owners convert better for dating offers?!
  • Don’t just Tweet, build “character” on social media.
  • FB ads tip: expand your reach with “lookalike audiences” and use auto bid.
  • People want to see ads that are educational, entertaining & evoke emotion.
  • 5 pillars of affiliate management: recruitment, activation, policing, communicating, optimization.
  • CPM works well for testing over CPC but be mindful of targeting. Better to learn lots about a smaller demographic.
  • The biggest predictor of success? Grit!


You can also check out the slides from each session HERE.  See you in Vegas in the new year for ASW15!


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