3 Holiday Tips To Ensure Your Affiliate Marketing Success

Posted by WhatRunsWhere on December 8, 2014
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You’ve worked hard all year on your affiliate marketing – searching for hot offers, promoting new deals. There’s just one last holiday stretch to get through before you can sign off, catch up on some sleep, and start it all again in the new year.

The holidays can be a digital gold mine for affiliates looking to boost commissions. Consumers are eager to buy, and conduct a lot of research online to find the perfect gifts (in fact, this season is expected to account for about 27 percent of the total U.S. annual online sales).

It’s now up to you to reach out to these credit card-equipped shoppers and show them the top products for this holiday season.

Not sure where to start? Why not try these 3 ways to make this Affiliate Marketing season a merry one!

1. Research this year’s hottest products

There are always certain items that top off the majority of wish-lists each year for the holidays. This could be the newest tech gadget, or a highly coveted brand name accessory.

Whatever that product may be, if it’s relevant to your niche it’s something you likely want to incorporate into your affiliate campaigns. Since people are likely already on the hunt for presents, these in-demand items can bring a huge spike in affiliate conversions. If they come across them on your site or through your content, they’re that much more likely to click and convert – giving you the commission you’re looking for.

affproducts-1A new camera or watch are always top sellers during the holiday season.

2. Determine which promos work best for the holidays

Think of the goals of many holiday shoppers – while they are eager to buy, they are also eager to save big.

With wish lists constantly growing, many consumers would love to avoid spending a small fortune while still finding the hottest products of the season. So when choosing which deals to promote, think “what makes it easiest for people to save money now”?. For example, a promo for “buy one get one 50% off” would likely do better than one for a loyalty program, as consumers are now in full-swing holiday bargain-hunting-mode.

affdeals-1Both for fashion and electronics, these ads promote immediate savings.

3. Reach out to new Affiliate Managers

Don’t be tempted to wait till the New Year to start contacting new Affiliate Managers. While that may be the time you’re ramping up your strategy, it’s also the time that they’re likely the busiest ramping up their own. Towards the end of the holidays, however, their current workload is likely winding down and is therefore the perfect time for you to make that connection.

With less to focus on, they’ll be able to zero in on the work that they can do with you, and plan something great together for the New Year – whether it’s some promotional content, or even just a killer deal. As well, there may be some year-end specials you may not yet know about, like an increased commission rate. Don’t wait, start reaching out now!

Having Happy Holidays as an Affiliate

Don’t let all these holiday conversions pass you by! These next few weeks see some of the highest rates of consumer purchases for the entire year, and are therefore a potential goldmine for the well-prepared affiliate. With so many shoppers logging on to find the next perfect gift, make sure it’s you who’s showing them what they want (and you who’s gaining the conversion).


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