5 Articles Every Lead Generation Expert Has Read

Posted by WhatRunsWhere on August 20, 2015
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When it comes to lead generation tools in the digital age, B2B companies can no longer rely on the traditional methods that only consist of one or two points of contact with the customer. The selling process has witnessed a dramatic shift due to two main reasons:

1) The plethora of technology and lead-gen platforms available
2) The number of sales pitches people receive daily (I know you saw them in your inbox today)

These factors make it increasingly difficult to lead potential customers down a straightforward funnel of sales. B2B brands need to have several points of contact that actively maintain the attention and focus of their lead.

So how can you achieve the optimal strategy for generating leads in today’s distraction-filled digital world? We searched high and low to find you the best resources for tackling lead generation in today’s digital landscape. We figured this would be particularly helpful with LeadsCon, the premier conference for lead generation strategies, fast approaching. These articles will ensure you have a clear understanding of current trends, strategies and challenges before networking with a conference full of lead generating professionals. Even if you’re not attending LeadsCon, the resources below will ensure that you are on the right track when it comes to leveraging the latest trends and tools for lead generation.

Check out these 5 articles for mastering lead generation for best practices tips, tricks, and everything in between!


1. What is Lead Generation by Marketo

1554514_663466777028819_1993801602_nImage source: Marketo

Why should you read this?

As we mentioned there has been a major overhaul in lead generation and this article gives you a full run of the changes lead generation has experienced, comparing what it looks like today versus the past. This article also provides a broad overview of the subject, including definitions, examples, challenges and common metrics. It’s a great place to start in your journey of mastering the art of lead generation.

2. The 4 L’s of a Successful Lead Generation Strategy by Hubspot

lead Image source: Hubspot

Why should you read this?

This article explores all things inbound marketing – a hot topic in digital lead generation. It also suggests some essential elements your campaigns need to successfully generate inbound leads. The article provides some serious stats to back up their arguments, as well as links to credible resources to further help you build the right strategy. There’s also advice given from industry leader Nicholas Kusmich, a Strategic Marketing Consultant and Facebook Ads Specialist. This is an article stacked with valuable insights that will move you to excel in your lead generation initiatives.

3. What Does a Lead Cost? [Infographic] by Madison Logic

cost Image Source: MadisonLogic


Why should you read this?

Madison Logic’s infographic is easy to read and extremely informative, explaining the cost of a lead across various industries including marketing, healthcare, and technology. This is a great resource for benchmarking and understanding how much time and money should be invested in your lead generation strategies. It’s a quick read, but definitely a helpful resource when first starting out and something worth referring back to as you continue to build your lead gen strategies.

4. 10 Ways to Quickly Generate Leads by Entrepreneur

number-10-clipart-567-red-roundedwith-number-10-clip-artImage source: Clipartpanda

Why should you read this?

Author, Mike Templeman, provides a quick list of his 10 favorite ways to generate leads. For those ready to start brainstorming their ideas for improved lead generation, this is a great place to get some inspiration. Or if you’ve been struggling with your current tactics for generating solid leads, this list should spark your lead gen imagination to get you back on track. For each tactic, Templeman explains who it works best for, why it works and what to do to really make it succeed.

5. The 2 Things You Must Nail For Lead Generating B2B Content by B2B Marketing Insider

Lead_Generation_B2B_Content.jpg-600x367                                                              Image source: B2B Marketing Insider

Why should you read this?

Our reason for providing this final article for mastering lead generation is implied in the title. If you are going to take anything from these resources make sure it’s an understanding of the buyer persona and the buyer journey. If you still need convincing, the author starts the article with a hard-to-swallow stat, that 60% of the B2B sales cycle is over before a prospect first talks to a salesperson! If you want to make sure your prospects are not part of this statistic than read this article and nail his advice.

BONUS Article

3 Ways to Tweak What You’re Doing Anyways to Generate More Leads by Entrepreneur

1408638586-10-ways-quickly-generate-leads-women-talking                                                                    Image source: Entrepreneur 

Why should you read this?

We came across this article and couldn’t pass up on sharing the insights. The author takes 3 simple tactics that you are likely already doing (even if you don’t have a solid strategy for lead generation) and explains how to instantly turn them into lead generating funnels. You know the saying more bang for your buck? That’s exactly what this article is helping you achieve except more along the lines of ‘more bang for your effort’. Essentially, you’ll learn to tweak elements of your current strategy to get more out of it… which essentially leads to more bucks! Need we say more?




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