4 Ways to Get More Ad Clicks

Posted by Suzanne Kammer on March 15, 2016
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Spend on display advertising in the US is expected to surpass search ad spending for the first time this year. If banner ads are part of your online strategy, we want to help you make the most of your investment. We’ve outlined four quick tips that will help you get more ad clicks this year and beyond.


Drive engagement through involvement

Creating interactive ads drives engagement because audiences feel compelled to click. These are especially effective in the mobile and in-app space where ads can easily look like they are part of a game, or an app on your phone. Your ad clicks will inevitably increase when viewers feel the need to interact with your ads. Check out the examples we found below from pulling Top Ads in the mobile space:

ad clicks

ad clicks

ad clicks

ad clicks

ad clicks

Another popular interactive ad trend in the in-app space is incentivized ads. These are ads that reward audiences in exchange for completing an action. For example, ‘watch this video to get 10 gold coins’. By offering an incentive, you are sure to get more ad clicks. If you have any games on your phone, you’ve probably come across this kind of ad before. Check out some examples below:

ad clicks

Source: SOOMLA

ad clicks


Source: Vungle

If incentivized apps won’t work in your industry, another way to build interactive ads is by using HTML5. This rapidly growing trend gives marketers the opportunity to build ads like never before. You can generate leads with form fill ads or drive clicks with a quiz. Whatever you decide, you’ll definitely notice an improvement in ad clicks if you start encouraging your audience to interact with your ads.

ad clicksad clicks

Personalize your targeting

Advancements in advertising technology are giving marketers more and more opportunities to target consumers at the right time and place. Take programmatic for example. You can target customers based on their online behaviours, which gives you more bang for your buck. Instead of airing a TV commercial that might only reach 10% of your target audience, you can serve ads programmatically and be sure that everyone you’re serving ads to is someone you want to be targeting.

Reaching more a more targeted audience increases your chance to get the conversion because (if you are targeting properly) you are advertising to qualified leads. Stop targeting your ads blindly and go after only the consumers you want investing in your business. Your overall number of ad clicks will improve and the quality of those clicks will improve as well.

Diversify your strategy

Don’t be scared to explore new avenues. In fact, you may be missing out on profitable opportunities by limiting your ad spend to one channel or ad type. Looking to go outside the ‘banner ad box’? Why not try native advertising this year? Native has experienced rapid growth and is showing no signs of slowing down. By diversifying your strategy, you are increasing your chances for success while learning what resonates with your audience. Find out what works in one channel and see if you can apply these learnings to another.

Learn from your competitors

Why waste your time and money investing in strategies that might fail? Instead, learn from your competitors so you can leverage both their successes and failures. Use competitive intelligence to go behind the scenes of competitors and complementary businesses that are fighting for your target market’s attention. Use this data to take a deeper dive into the three tips mentioned above. Find inspiration for interactive ad designs, see what publishers are being used to target audiences, and discover trends in your industry and the display advertising landscape overall.

Ready to step up your ad click strategy? Get started with these four banner ad best practices:

  1. Drive engagement through involvement
  2. Personalize your targeting
  3. Diversify your strategy
  4. Learn from your competitors 

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