4 Tools Every Digital Marketer Needs

Posted by WhatRunsWhere on September 30, 2015
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In today’s digital marketing world, there are thousands of tools that exist to help you optimize your online strategy. So how do you know what to include in your marketing stack? Whether you’re trying to maximize your social reach, optimize landing pages, increase email response rates or develop a multi-channel strategy, you have a lot of tools to choose from. With so many tools available, the selection process can be overwhelming. BUT everyone’s needs are different.

If you’re feeling unsure about your current marketing stack or are seeking new digital marketing tools to spice up your strategy, then this list is for you. We break down four key elements of your online marketing campaign and tell you which tools to use to optimize your success in that area. Whether you are a media buyer, affiliate manager, social media coordinator or anything in between, this list is your essential toolkit for online marketing success.


1. One of the most important elements of your digital strategy is the design of the landing page your ad leads too. This is not referring to your homepage, but a specific landing page that has been designed to drive conversions for your ad campaign. Why am I emphasizing this? Well according to Marketing Sherpa, 44% of clicks for B2B companies are directed to a homepage, not a landing page. The problem with sending potential customers to your homepage is that they won’t know what action to take next. This will decrease your chance of capturing a lead and even more so, the conversion. So what’s the best tool for designing a landing page with a clear Call-To-Action that will drive customers to the desired goal? The solution: AdsBridge.

Online marketers can use AdsBridge to create, track, and manage profitable ad campaigns, scale them in size and repeat the process across various offers and industries. Some of their top features focus on helping customers build highly optimized landing pages. For example, they have ready-to-use landers that are selected based on best performers. You can customize these high converting landers in seconds by changing the background image, colors, and text and instantly have a high performing landing page design for your campaign.


Another incredibly useful feature for all digital marketers is their multi-offer landing pages, which are designed to optimize your campaign offers. Users that visit your landing page can be redirected to different offers from the same page. This is particularly useful for affiliate marketers as you can effortlessly learn what offers are converting best and continue to improve your campaigns and increase ROI based on this knowledge.

Start optimizing your landing pages with Adsbridge. Click here now!


2.  As a digital marketer, being aware of what’s #TRENDING can help inform your online marketing strategies by ensuring your content is relevant to your audiences. But with trending topics on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or even the news changing on a daily basis, how can you keep track? For that, we recommend using Google Trends.

Google Trends is a FREE resource that every digital marketer should be using to research topics, people, promotions and keywords that are in demand on Google’s search engine. How does it work? Google Trends analyzes a portion of searches performed on Google to determine how many searches were done over a certain period of time. For example, if you searched for ‘Fantasy Football Stats’ at the beginning of September to prepare for the season, Google Trends analyzes a percentage of all searches for ‘Fantasy Football Stats’ within the same time parameter.

While writing this blog, I looked at what’s currently trending and found the following:


You can then do a deeper dive into the topic of your interest. So for example, looking at the Emmy Awards you could find the following information:




Marketers can then leverage this information (or whatever trend is relevant to their niche) to tailor promotions and content to the interests of their customers. You can also cross compare trends to see if they might be related to one another. For example, if you look at trend X over a period of time and compare it to trend Y, do they have the same upticks and decreases? If so, they could be related. Regardless of your niche, product or target audience, this is a valuable (and free) tool for any marketer to get a better understanding of their digital media environment.


3. For affiliate and network managers, a critical element of your online marketing strategies is the ability to analyze campaigns to easily understand which affiliates and campaigns are most valuable.  Not only do you need access to data that will help you understand these campaigns but, you also need to identify key metrics to inform your decisions to move forward with the campaign.  In doing so you will be able to attribute conversions with accuracy, award revenue-generating affiliates and build new campaigns based on past success. So what tool can help you achieve all of this and more? CAKE.

CAKE is a digital tool that provides advertisers and affiliate managers with insights on multi-channel marketing campaigns. Using the tool enables marketers to make intelligent decisions based on the learnings from the tool. They have products that are specific to both advertisers and affiliate managers, which are both prevalent to digital marketers, however, we’re honing in on how you can benefit from their affiliate management products.


So what exactly can CAKE do for you as an affiliate or network manager? You’ll get an in-depth look into how your affiliate marketing programs are performing so that you can help successful affiliates continue to earn and, educate low-performing affiliates on ways to increase ROI.  Overall, you’ll have a better understanding of how your affiliate program is operating; and really if you’re not tracking these kinds of results you won’t see results at all.

According to Marketing Charts, 85% of search marketing professionals will focus more on conversion rate optimization this year. Evidently, CAKE is meeting the needs of today’s digital marketers by providing a tool with a focus on conversion attribution and optimization in addition to other valuable insights.


4. Another major focus of digital marketers today is content marketing, which has also been a huge buzz word this year. With inbound marketing delivering 54% more leads into the marketing funnel than traditional outbound marketing, it’s no surprise this has become a dominate marketing strategy in 2015. But similar to understanding what is popular with Google Trends, how do we know what’s hot in content marketing? Let us introduce you to Buzzsumo.

With this tool, you can quickly and easily analyze what content performs best for any topic. For example, if you’re curious as to what kind of content will perform best if the topic is ‘Drake’, you would find that it’s in fact Facebook content.


Not only can you use this tool to search relevant terms for your content but also to see where your competitors are performing best. Need we say more? With this knowledge, you’ll be curating the right content for the right channel and as a result, boost audience engagement with your ability to be relevant on a channel by channel basis.

However, keep this in mind: the most important digital marketing tool that will drive success in your strategy is you. Staying informed, being relevant and continuously learning about new time and money saving technology will introduce you to efficient ways of optimizing your business. So what are you waiting for, put these 4 essential tools to use today.  




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