4 Creative Strategies To Refresh Your Ads

Posted by Jordan Matheson on September 13, 2017
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Banner blindness is defined as “The tendency of web visitors to ignore banner ads, even when banners contain information visitors are actively seeking”. It’s not just banners though, the same thing happens for all types of advertising. It’s a serious challenge for any advertiser in today’s ecosystem.

Let’s look at a hypothetical example. You have an amazing campaign, everything is going well, the metrics are off the chart, and then over time, it starts to die. Did your campaign actually just die, or are your visitors just burnt out, and blind to your message?

When running campaigns on specific sites, small networks or just at a mass scale for a long time, your audience becomes immune to your message, at least in the format you’re presenting it. Sometimes it’s the end of that campaign, but often you can squeeze more life out of what you’re doing with a few simple tweaks to existing creatives.

Here are some creative advertising strategies we love to get the most out of your ads:


1) Creative Rotation – Do you have multiple creatives that have performed well in the past, have they perhaps died off? One simple trick is just rotating creatives. Different creatives resonate with different people. If your audience has been bombarded with a single creative, sometimes giving them a bit of a break with new content is all that’s needed to jumpstart your campaign.

In the example below the image, text and headline are rotated. They try using the same text and headline combinations with different images.

2) Small Tweaks – Sometimes, someone has seen your ad so many times it just becomes part of the page. The simplest way to fix that, just change small elements of your ad. Small tweaks like adding a brightly colored border, adding a pulsing call to action, or using some kind of simple animation can get people noticing and engaging with your ads again.

American Express switched the background colour of this ad (purple, green and blue), everything else remained constant.


3) Pause And Start – Kill the campaign. Yes, that’s right, turn off your campaign entirely. We know this isn’t possible with buys that are locked in, but with others, sometimes giving your audience a bit of a break is all that’s needed to refresh them and get them engaging with your ads again.

4) New Ad Sizes – Does the property you’re advertising on offer other ad sizes? Perhaps you have burnt out 300×250, but 728×90 may still perform (Facebook Ads Example: Newsfeed Ads vs Right Hand Side Ads)! Test new ones, sometimes there is a diamond in the rough there.

Below are three ad size variations for Bojack Horseman, a TV show on Netflix. The ad sizes are 300×600 and 300×250 and 970×90. You can see similar creative background and call to action are used in all three ads.





Test these out. That campaign you thought was dead may not actually be truly dead.

Comment below and let us know your go to strategy for refreshing stale ads. Do you use one of the four we mentioned above or something different? 




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