4 Easy Split Tests To Try Today

Posted by WhatRunsWhere on May 9, 2014
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easy split tests

Test, optimize, repeat. Test, optimize, repeat.

Yes we know—optimizing a campaign is vital.

Performing these little split test experiments helps us to improve our campaign results and improve ROI, things we all want. But sometimes trying to think up new ideas of what to test can get a little exhausting, especially with the fear of wasting too many dollars testing ads.

Rather then thinking up new ideas to test, many online advertisers simply are not testing enough, or even at all.  To gain some testing inspiration we looked into a few top performing advertiser’s campaigns.

1. Split Test Ads Targeted At Different Audiences

When using traffic sources with a widespread demographic such as MSNBC.com, it’s important to keep in mind that the same ad won’t work on everybody. Repetitive ads will leave you with a lot of wasted impressions.

Create ads that are uniquely targeted at different audience segments by changing up the copy or image, adding in colored borders, switch up the call-to-action, etc.

Examples of recent top-performing banners that the United Way is testing on the same traffic source…

Easy Split Tests


Easy Split Tests

2. Test Landing Pages With Different Promotions

One of the most imperative and difficult elements to test in your campaign is your landing page.  Without a properly optimized lander those ad clicks will become useless, and likely won’t convert.

While there are an unlimited number of different components to test on your landing page, one of the easiest and most effective split tests to try is by simply testing different call-to-action, forms, promotions and pricing.

American Laser Skincare is currently testing two variations of their summer promotion…

Easy Split Tests

Easy Split Tests



3. Detailed Ads vs. General Ads

As mentioned earlier, the same ad will not work for everyone. So remember to split test your ads on various traffic sources and test both general and very specific ads.  The latter may take up more time but it’s worth the investment and might just be the trick to get more conversions.

Check out these ads that NFL Gamepass is currently split testing…

Easy Split Tests

Easy Split Tests

4. Test Even The Smallest Changes In Design

Once you find an ad creative that is working for you, it’s time to get meticulous and split test every little thing you can think of from copy, to color, and everything in between.

Lumosity is currently split testing this ad in at least SIX different ways…

  •  Boarder vs No Boarder

Easy Split Tests  Easy Split Tests

  • Different Color for CTA Button

Easy Split Tests

  • Different Call to Action

Easy Split Tests

  • Different Size of Font

Easy Split Tests

  • Different Headline

lumosity ad 6

As exhausting as split testing can seem, it will be worth it when your conversion numbers start to improve. Don’t give up –keeping testing!

Have any other split test strategies to share? We’d love to hear them in the comments!




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