4 Display Strategy Secrets From Chevrolet

Posted by WhatRunsWhere on April 21, 2014
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Automobile marketing has come quite a long way considering the first automobile ads not only had to sell a car, they also had to sell people on driving a car over a horse and buggy.
dispense with a horse

Print Ad From the Scientific American, 1898

Times have certainly changed. An estimated 95% of American households own at least one car.

With over 40 major automobile brands available in the United States and countless other brands available elsewhere, automobile advertising has become more competitive than ever.

Using our platform we quickly found out that Chevrolet was one of the most competitive contenders with a prevalence score of over 7,700 – compared to Toyota’s 6,446 and Ford’s 6,553.


1.    Multi-Ad Network Strategy

Are all of your campaigns parked on Google AdWords? Don’t worry, this is a very common mistake.

While AdWords is the largest and best-known platform, there are many other places to pull in leads. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Some may have lower costs or more targeted traffic.

 HINT: One of the best and easiest ways to find the right ad networks for your campaign is to look into who your competitors or advertisers targeting a similar niche are using.

Check out all the different ad networks Chevrolet is using to pull traffic…

Traffic Source Chevy

2.    Headlines With ‘Shock Factor’

“Average 900 Miles Between Fill-Ups By Charging Regularly”

With ever increasing gas costs becoming such a huge problem, fuel efficiency is a vital selling point for automobile advertisers.

Ads like this one grabs consumer’s attention without even addressing the problem…

Chevrolet Top Display Ad


3.    Start of Sale-Cycle Ads

Being a car salesperson in the age of the Internet is a tough job. People are able to browse until there heart’s content, jumping from site to site to do comparative research.

Chevrolet recognizes that people hoping online to research cars likely aren’t going to jump out of their seats, head to the dealership, and sign hard on the dotted line. So in order to keep them in their sales cycle they use a number of ads that encourage browsing.

 Ads like this introduce their car models and keep their brand top of mind…

chevy text ad


4.    Landing Page Layout Testing

It seems shocking but only 52% of advertisers test their landing pages for optimization. That’s a lot of lost leads!

Optimizing the landing pages connected to your display ads is imperative. Even the simplest changes to your copy, creative or call-to-action can improve conversion rates.

Here are 3 landing page layouts Chevrolet is testing for their 2015 Silverado…

chevy landing page 1

chevy landing page 3

landing page chevy

While automobile advertisers no longer have to compete with a horse and buggy they still have their work cut out for them. 

Seen any display campaigns that particularity stand out lately? Be sure to share in the comments. 



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