3 Ways To Boost ROI This Year

Posted by WhatRunsWhere on January 21, 2016
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Our team kicked off the new year by attending Affiliate Summit West in Las Vegas. The conference brought together thousands of professionals from the online marketing world to discuss the latest trends and learn from experts in the industry. With an exciting new year of opportunities ahead, the conference was buzzing with insightful discussions on how to find success. One subject that is always top of mind at conferences is how to boost ROI to make campaigns more profitable. As always, we were eager to join in on this important conversation. Drawing on the educational sessions from ASW 2016, we’re breaking down three ways to boost ROI for your online campaigns.

1) Do Your Research

This was a common theme amongst many speakers at ASW. You may have heard it before, but even though it’s a new year, some tactics for success remain the same. Doing your research before diving into a campaign should always be your first step. Whether its monitoring trends on Google Alerts, researching top affiliate offers or analyzing your competitor’s strategy, research needs to be done. This allows you to:

  • Determine if the opportunity is worth investing in
  • Discover who is already succeeding at this in your industry
  • Establish benchmarks for ROI
  • Set yourself up for success with an informed strategy


There is an endless amount of resources out there for you to leverage in your research process. Find the ones that are relevant to your industry, target market and business and you’ll be on your way to a profitable campaign in no time.

2) Get Personal Through Relevancy

Advancements in technology are giving brands and marketers the opportunity to create more and more unique, personalized experiences for customers. As a result, customers have come to expect a more personal experience from their favorite brands. In fact, they actually feel more positive towards brands that do so. How can you get more personal with your digital campaigns? Be relevant. According to Dale Carr, Founder and CEO of Leadbolt, advertisers can use advanced targeting to reach audiences ‘in the moment’. For example, creating campaigns that are specific to holidays, celebrations or events and the people that partake in them. Targeting your audience at the right place and time builds a stronger connection, which should influence purchases.


Snapchat does this effectively with their live-story filters. They allow users to apply holiday, location or event-specific filters to images if they are in the geographic area where it’s taking place. Everyone else on Snapchat can then experience these moments from wherever they are in the world. Whether it’s the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show or celebrating the New Year in various locations, Snapchat creates extremely relevant advertising opportunities for brands and unique experiences for users.

3) Optimize or Die

Shannon Macleod, Optimization Strategist at Conversion Geek, gave a stellar presentation that drove this point home. The best way to optimize? Invest time into fully understanding what works so that you know instead of guessing what your next move should be. For example, if your landing page isn’t converting, take time to understand why. Consider the point where most customers are leaving the conversion process and then determine how you can change the design to prevent drop-off. Perform an A/B test until you find the optimal design. This will take time, but investing in it now will yield greater results in your conversions and ROI later. Check out specific examples from Macleod’s presentation here.


If improving ROI is one of your goals for 2016, don’t forget to do your research, get personal and remember to optimize.

Huge thanks to Affiliate Summit for putting on another incredible conference. Make sure to subscribe to our blog to get updates on what conferences we’ll be attending next!


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