3 Tips For Planning Your App BEFORE Making One

Posted by WhatRunsWhere on November 22, 2013
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Given all the changes and the enormous impact that mobile has had on the way we now consume information and shop, it’s hard to remember that mobile marketing has been around for only a decade.  But in the grand scheme of all things digital, it’s still quite young and evolving all the time.

Currently the issue many brands are facing is whether or not to invest in creating an app.  While having one can certainly help you to engage with your audience, it can also be a huge waste of time and money if it isn’t developed and marketed properly.

Here are 3 tips to help you plan out your app BEFORE making one…

1) Don’t Rush the Release

I know!  You’re so excited to get your app out to the public and start watching the download magic happen but is it really ready?   It is imperative to make sure your app is well tested prior to its release. App users are not patient and will quickly delete your app if it isn’t doing what it’s supposed to. Remember, one in four apps are downloaded only to be used once and never again. Also if your app design has a lot of features, don’t launch it all at once.  Save it for the next update so you can keep your consumers engaged and continue adding value.

2) Find Flaws in Your Competition


With over a million apps on both App Store and Google Play competition is fierce in the world of apps! Be sure to be diligent and research what your competitors are doing by going to sites like XYO.  Find out if there are any apps that offer the same or similar features — are they doing it better or worse?  Take advantage of their successes and learn from their mistakes.  Don’t forget to check their app reviews on sites like to see what their users are saying. It’s possible that you can find a key feature that their app is lacking, or you may even find a way to make the app that much more attractive to users.


3) Understand Your Audience

Knowing your audience is important for all marketing efforts and building an app is no acceptation to the rule.  It’s estimated that two thirds of apps available see less than a thousand downloads, with many seeing none at all.

Let’s use a daily planner app as an example. Who is the app for? Is it for the executive looking to better plan their day or the soccer mom trying to keep track all her children’s activities. Answering the ‘who’ to this question will widely change how your app will look and function.

Making a branded app is a great way to engage with your audience. In fact, smartphone and tablet users spend 82% of their usage within apps, rather then on a mobile browser.  Just be sure to fully plan and research the market prior to investing time and money into your app design.




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