3 Retargeting Solutions to Utilize Right Now

Posted by WhatRunsWhere on March 3, 2021

Marketing doesn’t end when a potential customer leaves a website. Many companies see a lost visitor as an opportunity to initiate a retargeting campaign. Retargeting, sometimes called “remarketing,” specifically targets users who bounced from a website to entice them into returning and, hopefully, converting. 

Retargeting: What It Is and When To Use It 

Retargeting is the process of anonymously following visitors after leaving your site to advertise directly at more opportune times and through external websites. The ultimate goal of retargeting is to pull visitors back into the sales funnel. 

But how does it work? First, a company will create a retargeting pixel with a bit of tracking code. 

When visiting the site, a pixel will download the user’s viewing information, and a cookie will go into the user’s browser. 

Then, as the user travels to other websites, the cookie will communicate with the company’s ad network. Finally, the ad network will generate ads for that user. 

Ad networks and companies carefully craft retargeting campaigns to ensure that customers receive meaningful ads when it matters most. Companies focus their retargeting campaigns on warm leads that are likely to convert. You’ll want to target these users by advertising through sites they trust and deliver specific ads relevant to them. 


Criteo specifically seeks to target warm leads with personalized offers. Criteo is showing how to balance frequent ad exposure and consumer’s consistent request for personalized offers. 

Using intuitive machine-learning, Criteo uses pixel information as a jumping-off point. Criteo allows companies to entice leads with previously viewed products and related products from your catalog. This ad service relies on cookie data to track online behaviors that indicate shopper-intent to generate ads at just the right time. 


AdRoll focuses on reaching the online “window shoppers” and the cart abandoners. To create relevant and targeted ads, AdRoll uses segments based on behaviors and traits. AdRoll presents a friendlier viewpoint on retargeted marketing, citing that the service uses cookies and data-driven ads to reach people who have already shown an interest in the company. 

Although many have reported trouble determining an ROI on a campaign, marketers still enjoy AdRoll. The service is easy to set up and use while providing advanced reporting. 


RollWorks does not offer lead nurturing, but instead offers lead scoring. RollWorks places a greater focus on creating a lead database and following target accounts. Automation and setup are easy. RollWorks caters to B2B companies by focusing on target accounts, email retargeting, and pipeline management. 

This platform offers full training for their users with in-depth guides on using features and articles detailing the different audience types businesses may encounter. 

Implementing Retargeting in Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Retargeting is a useful element in a larger digital marketing strategy. Many people mistake retargeting as simply forcing unwanted or irritating ads onto unsuspecting website users. However, creating a successful retargeting campaign calls for careful thought and consideration of your leads. 

Choosing the right ad network and crafting campaigns that focus on nurturing leads is the best way to kick-start retargeting marketing with your brand. 

Crating these campaigns often requires companies to use well-researched data and establishes clear metrics for the best possible outcomes. A data-driven strategy can ensure your ads appear at the most meaningful moments. 

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