3 Mobile Ad Networks for Your Mobile Campaign

Posted by Suzanne Kammer on February 18, 2016
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It’s no secret- there are A LOT of mobile ad networks out there. It makes sense, seeing as $17.5 billion will be spent this year to reach mobile users on their smartphones and tablets. With the emergence of mobile campaigns comes the influx of mobile networks. It seems like the list is growing every day. Admob. Admoda. AppLovin. AppBrain. InMobi. Millennial Media. AppNexus. LeadBolt. Advertising.com. These are just a few of the mobile networks digital advertisers can use for their mobile marketing. With so many options to choose from, it’s not always easy deciding on a mobile network that’s right for your campaign.

mobile ad networks

While there’s no ‘best’ network, here are 3 popular options to consider for 2016:


mobile ad networks

Year Founded: 2006
Headquarters: USA

Powered by Google’s ad technology, AdMob is a trusted choice used by over 650,000 apps and more than 1 million advertisers. Showing billions of ads per day, AdMob has already paid more than $1 billion to developers since July 2012. AdMob is praised for its cross-platform capability, automatic updates on Google Play and overall ease of use. With less intrusive and less aggressive advertising compared to other networks, AdMob is the preferred choice for anyone new to mobile advertising.

AdMob’s claim to fame lies in its top global fill rates and high CPMs. So what makes AdMob so great? For starters, users love its Google Analytics integration. Secondly, AdMob allows users to segment audiences and build custom strategies around those markets. Supporting banner, interstitial, video and native ads with compatibility across Android, IOS, Unity and Cocos2d-x, AdMob continues to come up in conversations when choosing the right mobile ad network.


mobile ad networks

Year Founded: 2007
Headquarters: India

As one of the largest discovery platforms in the world, InMobi reaches more than a billion uniques every month. What makes InMobi a top choice by so many mobile marketers? For one, Appographic targeting. InMobi groups audiences into 200 appographic segments, giving marketers the ability to target users based on their app interests. This is markedly different than the usual targeting based on demographics, location and device.

So how does this work? Appographic targeting allows advertisers to get in front of people based on the apps they already use and love.   A fitness app can be promoted to users who are using apps that focus on exercise, healthy eating and meal-planning. The same goes for ads. Advertisers can put relevant ads in front of specific audiences. Running shoe companies can position their ads in front of users of multiple running apps, for example. The result?

  • 72% higher install rates
  • 26% lower Cost-per-Install (CPI)
  • 30% higher consumer Lifetime Value (LTV) on app promotion campaigns (Source: InMobi)



mobile ad networks

Year Founded: 2011
Headquarters: Australia

This award-winning mobile ad network has made some noise in the industry since its 2011 inception. LeadBolt currently services more than 10 billion ads each month with clients in 165+ countries. With a network of 65,000+ apps, ad formats including video, interstitial, rich display and native, and media buys including CPM, CPC, CPCV and CPI, there’s something for everyone.

A notable highlight for LeadBolt is their Connect feature, which allows you to find new partners with profitable deals. LeadBolt’s Direct Deals Marketplace connects you to premium ad partners, which has proven to yield close to a 300% increase in returns for participating app publishers. The best part? 100% transparency. Before connecting with a partner, you’ll be able to see the partner’s details so you can find the best opportunities for your campaigns. Voted as the Most Innovative Company of the Year in the 2015 International Business Awards, this is a network you’ll definitely want to look into.

Sure, there are tons of mobile ad networks to choose from. And yes, maybe not every network is right for you. But since when were a lot of choices a bad thing? Get out there and explore the mobile ad networks that are best for you!

mobile ad networks

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